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2 years of silence

Since I’ve moved from consultancy to aviation business there has not been any activity on this blog. Maybe there will in the future but at the moment you can find my public presentations about the data-driven world in the airport ecosystem:





Speaking at Microsoft TechDays 2013 in Helsinki


I will be speaking at Microsoft TechDays 2013 conference on March 6th. In Solita we have leveraged MDS in many DW/BI projects to tackle down the analytic master data management challenges that our customers have encountered. In my session I will present how to use MDS for analytical master data management by going through some examples of the solutions that we have created including

  • using MDS as a centralized repository for the analytical master data (dimension data), maintenance and change management
  • enriching the master data entites to complete dimension data and fully satisfy the reporting and analyzing needs of the business units
  • harmonize and combine master data from multiple sources to achieve robust, accurate and consistent dimension data

The full agenda for the two-day event can be found here:

See you in March!