TM1 Performance Modeler – Export hits OutOfMemoryError

I was planning to do the very first deployment from development to production in a new customer environment. Using the transfer out – feature of TM1 Performance Modeler it should have been straightforward but right after the transferring started I encountered an nasty error message:

Transfer has failed due to the following error(s):


The transfer failed.


What a nice way to start production deployment. Server had gigabytes of free memory but somehow insufficient amount of it was available to Performance Modeler. Google to rescue and I found the following IBM Support page:

I found out that there’s a yet another XML configuration file called ModelingMDT.ini that should be adjusted. It’s located in the following directory:

C\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Cognos Performance Modeler\bins\bin_10.1.XXXX.X

I just increased the value -Xmx512M in to -Xmx1024M and voila’: transfer out succeeded this time. Our model is pretty small at the moment but still it doesn’t fit in the default 512MB while transferring the objects. I think it’s a pretty small value for a default one. What do you think?


2 responses to “TM1 Performance Modeler – Export hits OutOfMemoryError

  • Chris

    You can of course copy/paste the objects from one env to another, (which keeps cube data) and there is also a utility called tm1xfer you could use.check the Cognos Tm1 Operations guide.

    PM transfer is good for moving contributor applications and or selected or single objects without moving data and without having to know all the mandatory objects required (rules, subsets, vues, etc)

    Have you tried transferring the tm1 server in pieces ? move the elephant one chunk at a time?

    • Greeny Dangerous

      Hi Chris,

      thanks for your comment! Our model isn’t that big that it coudln’t fit in the 1024M limit I set. So we’re good at the moment.

      I will check out the tm1xfer tool if it’s any good.

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